XCache 3.0.1 Release

Release Info

  • Version: 3.0.1
  • Previous version: 3.0.0
  • Branch: 3.0
  • Status: Stable
  • Main Release Purpose: bug fixes
  • Author: mOo <phpxcache@…>
  • Release date: 2013-01-01

Release notes

This is mainly a bug fixes release.

  • improve compatibility with "the ionCube PHP Loader", Zend Optimizer
  • improve stability
  • improve support for PHP_5_4
  • improve stability on threaded env

WARNING: uses extension= to load XCache. loading via zend_extension= is no longer supported since this 3.0



  • fixes crash when cache is too small on start up
  • fixes #295: crash using traits with PHP 5.4.8+
  • fixes #290: workaround phpize vs fbsd make bug again
  • improve compatibility with "the ionCube PHP Loader", Zend Optimizer
  • fix random crash when cache is reinitialized yet failed (Thanks to Brad Baker for generating crash dump)
  • fix locking impl: improve stability on threaded env (Thanks to Mircea Nicolae for reproducing the bug)
  • diagnosis: undefined variable when ini is not found
  • PHP_5_4 optimizer: fix ZEND_JMP_SET_VAR
  • PHP_5_4 optimizer: fix for goto

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