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XCache Testing

This page describe how XCache is being tested with varous php version and php applications (scripts).

Automated Test

XCache is currently automatically tested with:

  • PHP own's test suite

Manual test

Manually tested with the following applications:

PHP 5.x

With current PHP 5.x versions.

PHP 4.x

We do not usually run PHP4, however XCache is tested on PHP4 on:


If your application does not work with Xcache, please open a bug report, indicating:

  • Application Name
  • URL where the source can be downloaded
  • Explain the problem clearly as possible
  • Try to isolate the problem with a small test case first.

If your application is not listed here and you would like to get it tested:

  • You can always join us and perform your own tests :)
  • You should prove that the software makes XCache SVN 1.2 branch misbehave. Any thing that changed after enabling XCache, except performance.
  • It must be opensource and should not depend on binary only extensions like Zend Optimizer, IonCube etc.
  • If you are company that produces a popular opensource commercial software (like Vbulletin, Invision Power etc) we are happy to hear from you under the following conditions:
    • You provide a permanent license to use the software (including access to updates, for at least 2 different users/installations)
    • Your code is not obfuscated or encoded.
    • We wont sign any kind of legal papers such NDA or similar, please don't bother us with that.

FOOBAR software is not listed here.. does it means it is unsupported ?

  • No. that means it has not been proven to crash XCache yet . :)