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XCache Redistributed by OS Distro

Before reading GettingSource and BuildingFromSource yourself, it may help you to check if your os distro or a third-party maintainer has a port/ebuild/package etc. for XCache, which would allow an easier and cleaner install.

distroAvailable AtNote
Arch Linux communityInstall it via pacman -S php-xcache.-
DebianOfficial:php4-xcache/php5-xcache apt-get install php?-xcache on Debian sid (build log)-
Fedorafedoraproject/EPELInstall using: yum install php-xcache; yum install xcache-admin
FreeBSDfreshports/FreeBSD cvs-
RHEL/CentOSJason Litka's blogsrc.rpm for PHP 4/5. This package will automatically configure some common options for you.
SLES/openSUSEopenSUSE build service-