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     3= INI settings for XCache =
     4It's time to explain xcache.ini itself, finally, no matter if you do or don't have all the [PhpIni basics] in mind.
     6== Loading XCache module ==
     8;; install as zend extension (recommended), normally "$extension_dir/"
     9zend_extension = /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/non-debug-non-zts-xxx/
     10;; For windows users, replace with php_xcache.dll
     11zend_extension_ts = c:/php/extensions/php_xcache.dll
     12;; or install as extension, make sure your extension_dir setting is correct
     13; extension =
     14;; or win32:
     15; extension = php_xcache.dll
     17; required for >=php5.1 if you turn XCache on
     18auto_globals_jit = Off
     21== XCache Administration ==
     28 '''xcache.admin.user''' ''string''::
     29 auth name.
     30 '''xcache.admin.pass''' ''string''::
     31 Should be md5($your_password), or empty to disable administration.
     32 '''xcache.test''' ''string''::
     33 Turn on to enable testing functionals. It will be explained where the option is needed.
     34 '''xcache.coredump_directory''' ''string''::
     35 Directory to save core dump on crash (SIGSEGV SIGABRT). Leave it empty to disable or something like "/tmp/phpcore/" to enable.
     36 Make sure it's writable by php (without checking open_basedir).
     38== XCache Cacher ==
     55 '''xcache.cacher''' ''boolean''::
     56 Enable or disable opcode cacher. Not available if xcache.size is 0.
     57 '''xcache.size''' ''int''::
     58 0 to disable, non 0 to enable. Check if your system mmap allows.
     59 '''xcache.count''' ''int''::
     60 Specify how many chunks to split the cache. see SplittedCache
     61 '''xcache.slots''' ''size''::
     62 Just a "slots" hint for hash, you can always store count(items) > slots. It can be (count(items) * n) where n is 0.2 to 1, or leave it as is. More slots means faster searching the cache but take more memory.
     63 '''xcache.ttl''' ''seconds''::
     64 Ttl (Time To Live) value for the php entry (cached opcodes of a file), 0=forever.
     65 '''xcache.gc_interval''' ''seconds''::
     66 Garbage collection interval.
     67 '''xcache.var_size''' ''int''::
     68 '''xcache.var_count''' ''int''::
     69 '''xcache.var_slots''' ''size''::
     70 Same as above, but for variable data.
     71 '''xcache.var_ttl''' ''seconds''::
     72 Default ttl for variables api, xcache_(get|set|inc|dec) etc.
     73 '''xcache.var_maxttl''' ''seconds''::
     74 A longer ttl when using variables api is limited to below max ttl.
     75 '''xcache.var_gc_interval''' ''seconds''::
     76 Garbage collection interval for variables api.
     77 '''xcache.readonly_protection''' ''boolean''::
     78 If ReadonlyProtection is turned on, it will be a bit slower, but much safer. This option isn't available for /dev/zero.
     79 '''xcache.mmap_path''' ''string''::
     80 for *nix, xcache.mmap_path is a ''file path'', not directory.
     81 for win32, xcache.mmap_path is anonymous ''map name'', not a file path.
     82 Use something like "/tmp/xcache" if you want to turn on ReadonlyProtection, 2 group of php won't share the same /tmp/xcache.
     84== XCache Optimizer ==
     88 '''xcache.optimizer''' ''boolean''::
     89 Enable optimizer.
     91== XCache Coverager ==
     96 '''xcache.coverager''' ''boolean''::
     97 Enable coverage data collecting for xcache.coveragedump_directory and xcache_coverager_start/stop/get/clean() functions (will hurt executing performance)
     98 '''xcache.coveragedump_directory''' ''string''::
     99 Directory to dump coverage data. Make sure it's readable (care open_basedir) by coverage viewer script. Requires xcache.coverager=On