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     1= The Scripting Way =
     2Stick with the '''Scripting Way''' even if you're writing php extension(s).
     4Many of us (and i) was thinking about how to write more powerful php extension hardly, once after we get how to write it. But don't you think it's more important to notice what we need/want instead of what we can do? Do not write to write.
     6XCache use extension+scripting way to do complex thing nicely.
     7 * XCache Administration
     8   * XcacheApi to collect list/information from the shared memory.
     9   * A script to display the information.
     10 * Coverage Dumper and Viewer
     11   * A dumper to dump coverage data to file.
     12     * TheScriptingWay: Provide APIs to get coverage data, and let the script to dump data. (slow, not in XCache)
     13     * non-[TheScriptingWay]: Dump data by XCache itself, controling by ini settings. (fast, the way XCache is using)
     14   * A viewer script to show data nicely.
     15     * APIs to load/decode data from cov-datafiles. (fast)
     16     * Script to render result. (nice)
     17 * Disassembler and Decompiler
     18   * APIs to dump opcode data into php arrays for script.
     19   * Script to play arround the arrays. (easier to write)
     21See also: DevelModuleList
     23FYI: ea/mmcache use plain C to do administration/disassembling, but ea rewrote it in TheScriptingWay after he see my XCache :) Yes, it's much better to maintain code in php than in C.