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Release Archive

All non-beta/RC/PL version that were released are here, for archive propose only. Please pick the latest stable for production.

Version 3.2.x

Version 3.1.x

Version 3.0.x

Version 2.0.x

Version 1.3.x

Version 1.2.x

Version 1.1.x

  • Status: unstable, abandoned
  • Description: a middle milestone to 1.2.x, there's some compatibility problem with php which is already fixed in 1.2.x. 1.1.x is rolled as a "little stable than 1.2.x" version
  • Released versions:
    • XCache 1.1.0 (unstable): The careful step to 1.2.
    • XCache 1.1-rc2 (unstable)
  • Note: Due to the active development in 1.2.x, this branch is abandoned. Use 1.2.x release instead

Version 1.0.x

  • Status: stable for PHP 4
  • Description: this branch is the most stable XCache for PHP 4 (4.3.x 4.4.x), but there's some problems with PHP 5.x. use >="XCache 1.2" instead.
  • Releases versions:
    • XCache 1.0.3 (stable): Stability + OS Compatiblity fix.
    • XCache 1.0.2 (stable): Re-release of 1.0.1 for win32 users.
    • XCache 1.0.1 (stable): Stability fix. Win32 zts fixes.
    • XCache 1.0: Get *nix source tar ball, or win32 binaries here.