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Name changed from PhpTepmlating? to PhpTemplating

Templating in PHP

We use Templateing in PHP language itself to provide web interface for XCache.

Template Engines like ​Smarty is hot these years, but some ppl jump out and say: "STOP IT, php itself is Template Engine already". But well... the way XCache choose isn't to prove something right or wrong, but just to make XCache iself lesser dependency.

Difference between php-programs and php-templates?

I'm not the rule maker, but i can try to classify for you if you wanna know.

  • Separate "Web Interface" logic from program logic(data/input processing/prepareing).
  • Never interactive with something like sql or complex api etc.
  • Use variable/data from your program/scripts, instead of making variable/data. (there can be some exceptions)
  • If you want to do anything that does not affect any of the interface, do it outside of tempalate! It's not part of template.

Difference between php-templating and other xx-language-templateing?


  • Use all simple goodies in php.
  • Variable substitution is done easily. With heredoc or just write variable inside string.
  • Loops/Functions? can be used to generate similar parts to reduce work. In Smarty u have, and only have "include", although u can use your own plugins.


  • <?php echo $a; ?> is much more complex than {$a}. You won't complain about writing extra characters len('<?php echo $a; ?>') - len('{$a}'), but what if you gotta write 100 or 1000 of them?
  • I wrote the tpl in about 10 minutes in smarty-alike language, but spent about 1 hr translating it into template in php language.
  • It's ugly, unless you're "scripter only" instead of "i'm also web designer".

Anyway, we never want to lit a fire on this topic again, but to just explain what is used what we learned in XCache.