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Added 3rd idea

My Ideas

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  • Add sections for variables. Idea is that you can group variables under one group name and drop them using that name by special function like xcache_delete_group($name) or set an expire time for whole group. Also if it is possible make nested groups (probably limited to 2 or 3 levels). By Psih.
  • Create more detailed manual for PHP API (like manual with examples and function definitions). Can help with that. By Psih
  • By Psih. Add functions for locking items and get status of item (locked/unlocked) even if doesn't exist. Example: If you have highly loaded box and you cache dies via expired TTL your applications regenerates the cache. There is a high probability that few parallel requests will do that simultaneously - locks will prevent such situations. I purpose to modify some functions in this way:
    • xcache_get - add an extra param that will set LOCK on item if it doesn't exist. Data can't be getted when lock is in place - function should wait until lock is released or some timeout expires to clean forgotten locks.
    • xcache_set - add an extra param that will release lock on data setting.
    • xcache_isset - it makes sense to add param for LOCK setting if item doesn't exist like with xcache_get. This will enable for check if item exists and if not - lock it and create.