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Migrating To 3.0.0

Since 3.0, a lot has changed. Migration needed to upgrade to 3.0.

Read this page only if you have existing tweaked XCache installation. It might be easier if you remove and start a fresh install completely instead of migrating.

Upgrading XCache Extension

Nothing new here. Just install as it used to be. phpize, ./configure, make, sudo make install

Upgrading INI

Required step

  1. read xcache.ini from xcache package, check it against your existing
  2. remove zend_extension=/path/to/
  3. adds

Optional new settings tweak

  1. set xcache.var_namespace_mode=1, xcache.var_namespace="HTTP_HOST"
  2. set xcache.disable_on_crash=On

WARNING: leaving "xcache.admin.enable_auth = On" is strongly recommended. if you need to by pass the auth protection, use config.php (see config.example.php)

Upgrading XCache Admin Page

XCache Admin Page, or you call it stats page, is merged with multiple other modules since 3.0.0 check the following difference, where "install source" is where files sit in source package and "install to" is where it should be copied to by you manually.

before migrate after migrate note
install source admin/ htdocs/ (admin/ becomes htdocs/cacher/)
should be install to/var/www/htdocs/localhost/xcache-admin/ /var/www/htdocs/localhost/xcache/
config file example config.example.php config.example.php, {cacher,coverager}/config.example.php
config file config.php config.php, {cacher,coverager}/config.php