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Join Developing XCache

I'm runing out of time to do some more work on XCache, including but not only:

  1. implementing some of the features to make it handy for use
  2. try to reproduce problems reported by users
  3. fix bugs
  4. translations
  5. and more

Any ppl with any one or more of the following skills is welcome:

  1. Preacher. To evangelism XCache to more ppl
  2. Tester. Know some php and can try to reproduce bugs by testing XCache
  3. CSS/HTML based web page designer, to make some php generated html pages nicer. no programming skill is required
  4. php programer, dev-lang/php skilled, to implement some admin functions/pages. no art skill is required
  5. php extension developer, dev-lang/c skilled, write clean code, know anything to write a simple module. no php core (internals like ZendEngine/TSRM) knowledge is required
  6. php core developer, dev-lang/c skilled, write clean code, know ZendEngine and opcode cachers coding (like apc/ea/XCache) well.

To get started, contact me at AboutUs.