Installing XCache From Source

Quick Guide

This is an quick guide

Quick Installation
~/src $ wget http://... (the release url)
~/src $ tar -zxf xcache-*.tar.gz
~/src $ cd xcache
~/src/xcache $ phpize
~/src/xcache $ ./configure --enable-xcache
~/src/xcache $ make
~/src/xcache $ su
~/src/xcache # make install
~/src/xcache # cat xcache.ini >> /etc/php.ini
(it's two > not one)

(now edit /etc/php.ini with your favorite editor)
~/src/xcache # $EDITOR /etc/php.ini
(make sure zend_extension=../../ is the first before any other zend_extension=***)

read the following "How To" if you have problems with the above.

Long Walkthrough (How To)

Install with os redist/port:

Manual step by step instructions:

See also: InstallFromBinary

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