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Install From Binary Release

Redist By Os Distro

see XcacheRedist for a list of binary(or source) redist by *nix distributions, and install from it.

Win32 Binary Installtion

  • Check ReleaseArchive and download the right Win32 version for your php. We have official support for Win32.
  • unzip it with WinZip or WinRar
  • copy php_xcache.dll to c:\php4\extensions\ or c:\php5\ext\, the directory you have php_mysql.dll php_*.dll etc.
  • Read xcache.ini and modify c:\windows\php.ini (or c:\winnt\php.ini). mainly uncomment zend_extension_ts=c;\php4\extensions\php_xcache.dll or uncomment extension=php_xcache.dll, and set xcache.size
  • restart apache+mod_php, or iis+php_isapi, or php fastcgi process, Zend Win Enabler.. etc whatever your php is.
  • XCache is set.

See also: InstallAdministration, InstallFromSource