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Getting Stable Source

Check Releases at

~ $ mkdir ~/src
~ $ cd ~/src
~/src $ wget http://... (the release url)
~/src $ tar -zxf xcache-*.tar.gz

~/src $ gzip -dc xcache-*.tar.gz | tar -x
~/src $ cd xcache
~/src/xcache $ ls

Most of you should stick with stable-release, for production server, while some of you may download pre-release, snapsnots, or even get it from svn repo.

See also: GettingSource (prev), BuildingFromSource (next)

Checkout Source With SVN

make sure you have svn installed.

~ $ mkdir ~/src
~ $ cd ~/src
~/src $ svn co svn:// xcache-trunk
~/src $ cd xcache-trunk
~/src/xcache-trunk $ ls

See also: BuildingFromSource (next), NightlySnapShots?, Win32AutoBuilds?