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Feature of XCache

  • Optimized opcode cache. apc, eaccelerator are also good opcode caches.
  • Using a generator to produce C code, reduces human mistake greatly.
  • Running stable on PHP_4_3/PHP_4_4/PHP_5_1/PHP_5_2
  • Supported and tested on all lastest php cvs branches, such as PHP_4_3 PHP_4_4 PHP_5_0 PHP_5_1 PHP_5_2 HEAD (6.x)
  • Alpha supported for in-alpha-php6, with unicode enabled.
  • Readonly Cacher Protection that prevents the cache from being corrupted by php-core/extension or any code other than XCache itself.
  • Atomic get/set/inc/dec api operation on var cache for php programmers.
  • XCache Uptime statistics collector (enabled by server admin), shows you how stable each XCache version is on each php version. [TODO#1]
  • Self sanity test at build time, discover C struct changes within the php script engine. catch up with new php version easier. see a real life example (notice the message 18, 19)
  • Automatically disables itself if the cache is corrupted [TODO#2]
  • Optimizer [TODO]
  • Encoder/Decoder?(Loader) [TODO]
  • Disassembler. See how your php script is compiled into opcode. (not with enterprise encoder)
  • Decompiler. decompile opcode into php code. (only half working, and not for enterprise encoder)
  • Coverager, real life testcase framework, this include: [TOSHARE]
    • real life testcase framework, a control script with real browser. you have to write the test cases.
    • builtin Coverager (in repo) + its visualizer from web, to see how much script you have tested.
  • the testcase+Coverager just help you make sure all real life php web applications is running correctly when
    • after enabling XCache
    • after upgrading php4 to php5
    • after upgrading php4/5 to php6
  • Administrator Script
  • Late Class Inherit works just fine. see one of the feedbacks


  • [TODO]: It's in my TODO list
  • [TOSHARE]: It's already done, but it takes sometime for me to put it into XCache Source Repo.