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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get help?

freenode, channel #lighttpd (temporary)
XCache Forum.

Why XCache?

see Introduction

Where Is ./configure?

Well... you have to install php first, which gives you "phpize" executable(script), and do

~/src/xcache $ phpize
(generating configure)
~/src/xcache $ ./configure --help
~/src/xcache $ ./configure --enable-...

How to install from source?

follow the instructions in GettingSource, BuildingFromSource, InstallingAsPhpExtension

What if i'm getting "undefined symbol"

If your php is configured --enable-versioning, disable it. It's broken. If you insist on versioning, build XCache as a static module of php.

Apache2 keeps getting segmentation faults with cache larger than 4M

Set "xcache.readonly_protection = On" in php.ini

I get Cannot dynamically

When u get PHP Warning: Unknown(): Cannot dynamically load - dynamic modules are not supported in Unknown on line 0, it's because your php is running on a arch/os that don't support dynamic load library(aka modules), to solve it:

~ $ mv xcache php-src/
~ $ cd php-src/
~/php-src $ ./buildconf --force
~/php-src $ ./config.nice --enable-xcache --enable-xcache-coverager
(or if you havn't run configure yet, use:)
~/php-src $ ./configure --enable-xcache --enable-xcache-coverager --your-options
~/php-src $ make all
~/php-src $ make install