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Translation in XCache

Some messages in XCache can be localized

What can be translated

  • All messages in htdocs/*, including [cacher, coverager, diagnosis] pages for now.

Languages in XCache

  • en, US/Neutral English
  • zh-simplified, Simplified Chinese 简体中文
  • zh-traditional, Traditional Chinese 繁体中文

Other language are not yet included but patch is welcome

How to translate

Get latest trunk version of htdocs/*/lang/*.po, make changes, send back to XCache devs. Don't keep the file old for long period.

Please don't make changes to en.po, see the following section instead

What need correction

If you're a native English speaker and familiar with PHP/XCache/IT terms, you can help.

  • wiki pages on this web site. update the wiki page directly
  • Some English messages in *.c. change it then svn diff | mail to phpxcache@…
  • All messages in htdocs/*/*.php marked like _T("..."), listed in en.po. fix *.php directly instead of en.po, svn diff | mail to phpxcache@…