Translation in XCache

Some messages in XCache can be localized

What can be translated

  • All messages in htdocs/*, including [cacher, coverager, diagnosis] pages for now.

Languages in XCache

  • en, US/Neutral English
  • zh-simplified, Simplified Chinese 简体中文
  • zh-traditional, Traditional Chinese 繁体中文

Other language are not yet included but patch is welcome

How to translate

  • Get latest trunk version of htdocs/*/lang/*.po, make changes, send back to XCache devs. Don't keep the file old for long period.
  • For other language not already there, copy en.po $lang.po, translate the copied file
  • Please don't make changes msgid in *.po, modify string after msgstr instead. Follow gettext guide
  • Please don't make changes to en.po, see the following section instead (unless the msgid is something like "cache.slots")

What need correction

If you're a native English speaker and familiar with PHP/XCache/IT terms, you can help.

  • wiki pages on this web site. update the wiki page directly
  • Some English messages in *.c. change it then svn diff | mail to phpxcache@…
  • All messages in htdocs/*/*.php marked like _T("..."), listed in en.po. fix *.php directly instead of en.po, svn diff | mail to phpxcache@…
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