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Autobuild service stopped. We need a Windows server to build it. Anyone want to contribute, please Contact me.

XCache Autobuild

This page describe how XCache is being built automatically. See Win32AutoBuilds? for downloads.


  • Build
    • bash/m4/grep/sed/awk, optional: indent
    • A working C compiler
  • Auto Build
    • cron: auto build in the midnight
    • ssh: to maintain the files, and for release
    • rsync: update files
  • ssh account
  • http server that serve the file download. or we can upload the files built to another box.
  • for Windows
    • A Windows 32bit (or 64bit that run 32bit cygwin/mingw) box. Contact me if you can help.
    • Cygwin or mingw32 for bash/m4/.. etc
    • VC6 compiler: cl.exe/nmake.exe and its dependencies. other version might work, but keep in mind that you have to use the same version of compiler as PHP.
    • VC9 compiler (2008): both x86/x64 version compiler.
    • a working cscript.exe with jscript.dll and filesystemobject etc, required by PHP win32 build system

Build Helper Scripts


Crontab Example