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Call for Testers

Although it's running stably, the building process may not be strong enough to be easily installed on your system. Please try and report problems to help us improve the building/setup process.

The current status of XCache:

  • FreeBSD/*BSD (0 star)
    • Lack of FreeBSD box for testing
    • Failed build reports: #5
  • Linux (gentoo) (5 stars)
    • the devel have ​gentoo linux box on hand
    • Build manually (4/5/6), startup (4/5/6) successfully
    • Running (4) on Linux under high load.
  • MacOSX (0 star)
    • Lack of MacOSX box for testing
    • No feedback
  • Windows (3 stars)
    • the devel have ssh access to a cygwin that with vc6 installed
    • AutoBuilt? (4/5) for Win32 successfully
    • Startup (4/5) without problem
    • Not heavily tested

What you can help is to:

  • Provide us an shell access for those os we're lacking.
  • Install it on your testing env, and report if there's any problems.
  • Run you web applications under XCache enabled php.
  • If you're brave, install and enable it on a production server.