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03:44 Ticket #328 (segfaults when using XCache 2.0.1 under heavy load) created by boxdev
Some of our machines have XCache 2.0.1 installed. In case this helps with …


15:11 Ticket #327 (Duplicate ++LOOPCOUNTER) closed by moo
fixed: In 1372: […]
10:33 Ticket #327 (Duplicate ++LOOPCOUNTER) created by drakmor
++LOOPCOUNTER duplicated in proccess.m4 -> dump on parse traits overloads …
05:38 Ticket #90 (jpgraph+xcache causes php to segfault) closed by moo
worksforme: I suppose the problem is gone with some reason. either fixed in XCache or …
05:36 Ticket #325 (Windows / mod_fastcgi / Xcache) closed by moo
invalid: I'm not windows/apache expert. I never used them for production Please …
05:20 Ticket #326 (Opcode SPEC for 5.4) closed by moo
fixed: In 1371: […]
00:08 Ticket #326 (Opcode SPEC for 5.4) created by drakmor
This is patch SPEC for new opcodes PHP 5.4


23:26 Ticket #325 (Windows / mod_fastcgi / Xcache) created by starams5
Hi Moo, I need your help once again. I noticed apache was starting to …


12:38 Ticket #324 (segfaults with xcache.readonly_protection = Off under heavy load) created by boxdev
We downloaded xcache-3.0-r1369.tar.bz2 and installed it on our test …


18:16 Ticket #323 (segfaults when using XCache 3.0.3 under heavy load) closed by moo
fixed: In 1366: […]
04:48 Ticket #323 (segfaults when using XCache 3.0.3 under heavy load) created by boxdev
Hi. I am working with David Schnepper from Box to troubleshoot segfaults …


03:14 XcacheApi edited by AlexisWilke
Fixed example code so it would actually work. (diff)
02:13 HowToReportABug/FileABug edited by AlexisWilke
Cleaned up the English. 8-) (diff)
01:32 XcacheIni edited by AlexisWilke
Fixed a reference to "variable" when it was supposed to be "opcode" (diff)
01:18 Faq edited by AlexisWilke
A few English enhancements. (diff)
01:03 Introduction edited by AlexisWilke
Noticed that a link was invalid (the URL includes square brackets, … (diff)
01:00 Introduction edited by AlexisWilke
Well... The first paragraph was neat, but the others needed a little help. … (diff)
00:46 Introduction edited by AlexisWilke
Small grammar ([it] reduceS) (diff)
00:44 WikiStart edited by AlexisWilke
Changed the first 2 paragraphs so it is a little better English. (diff)


19:33 XcacheIni edited by moo
09:47 XcacheIni edited by ilantipov
2 years ago I had problems with undestanding how to set up variable memory … (diff)


18:45 Ticket #322 (Warnings while building from source) closed by moo
fixed: In 1354: […]
12:52 Ticket #322 (Warnings while building from source) created by ilantipov
OS Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS PHP Version 5.4.17 xcache-3.0.3 Got some warnings. …
10:21 Ticket #321 (compilation impossible with --enable-xcache-dprint parameter) closed by moo
worksforme: thanks. this problem is already fixed in 3.1 (trunk) version
10:04 Ticket #320 (MS VC compiler warnings) closed by moo
fixed: In 1346: […]
09:57 Ticket #321 (compilation impossible with --enable-xcache-dprint parameter) created by tk1
It is impossible to compile XCache with --enable-xcache-dprint parameter. …
09:53 Ticket #277 (misleading option in config.w32) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [1345]. Let's do it like apc/ea way
09:47 Ticket #320 (MS VC compiler warnings) created by tk1
While compiling under MS VC 2008 I see such warnings: […] It's …


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