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09:29 Ticket #314 (Fatal error class redeclaration after return statement) closed by moo
wontfix: This bug has been reported multiple times. The code reproduced is already …
04:39 Ticket #314 (Fatal error class redeclaration after return statement) created by afxdesign
Hello, I have experienced a problem where xcache loads a class incorrectly …


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11:14 Ticket #313 (xcache在安装好后同是否对服务器整个里面的web都cache呢) closed by moo
invalid: 不支持, XCache 是 opcode cache, 不是 page cache
11:12 Ticket #313 (xcache在安装好后同是否对服务器整个里面的web都cache呢) created by Denis
xcache在安装好后同是否对服务器整个里面的web都cache呢, 例如我现在装一个ecshop, 是否需要做相关设置呢? 谢谢


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04:10 Ticket #312 (Does not compile with PHP 5.5) closed by moo
worksforme: This is expected. The support to PHP 5.5 is in trunk (3.1) not 3.0 3.0 …


11:55 Ticket #312 (Does not compile with PHP 5.5) created by ryandesign
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