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10:11 Ticket #299 (Xcache as session handler) created by stanislavdavid
Is it possible to make xcache default session handler through php.ini …


03:54 Ticket #298 (3.01版本安装在iis下,与zend optimizer有冲突,请问如何解决) closed by moo
invalid: 在您的地址里搜索 xcache.mmap_path 您就会发现奇怪的地方。因为 xcache.mmap_path = xcache" <- …
03:16 Ticket #298 (3.01版本安装在iis下,与zend optimizer有冲突,请问如何解决) created by hardnet
如果在zend之前加载php_xcache.dll的话,phpinfo()里显示没有加载zend …


15:26 Ticket #297 (Segmentation fault on php execution) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [1230] for trunk, in [1231] for 3.0.x
15:10 Ticket #297 (Segmentation fault on php execution) created by sknaetsch
Using xcache version 3.0.1 on Solaris 10 SPARC leading to coredump with …


15:16 Milestone 3.0.1 completed
bug fixes only
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