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07:00 Ticket #263 (Cache filters) created by bluemamba
Your XCache is fantastic! Still, as any fantastic job, IMHO it needs the …


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04:28 Ticket #262 (Can't disable the xcache.admin.enable_auth) created by wattaman
Well, like the title said :) In the xcache.ini I put this: […] then …


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10:53 Ticket #261 (XCache requires Zend Engine API version 220060519, The Zend Engine API ...) closed by moo
invalid: rebuild it against new PHP see Faq


20:03 Ticket #261 (XCache requires Zend Engine API version 220060519, The Zend Engine API ...) created by ebiz
After adding xcache 1.3.2 as a zend_extension to php 5.3.0 I get this …


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10:32 Ticket #192 (builtin functions should not be dump by disassembler) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [709] for trunk and back ported to 1.3
10:21 Ticket #191 (XCache & Joomla - Update Settings don't works) closed by moo
wontfix: no feedback. i count on Joomla developers to figure it out
10:16 Ticket #250 (XCache 1.3.0 and PHP 5.2.13) closed by moo
invalid: 1.3.x is better than 1.2.x with full support for PHP_5_1 PHP_5_2 PHP_5_3
10:15 Ticket #251 (XCache doesn't show cached files in Administration Interface) closed by moo
invalid: try fastcgi or mod_php5
10:13 Ticket #236 (compilation warnings) closed by moo
fixed: false alarm. fixed in #770, pending for 1.3.x. the warning for using …
07:18 Ticket #248 (Memory leak with xcache with constant caching) closed by moo
duplicate: thanks for your feedback. this dup of #258 and was fixed
07:16 Ticket #245 (PHP with xcache crash, after restore object variable) closed by moo
wontfix: object is not supported in xcache_set/get, use serialize/unserialize …
07:15 Ticket #185 (Using a php script for sendmail_path causes segmentation fault) closed by moo
worksforme: works for me in 1.3.2-dev
07:12 Ticket #177 (about the xcache admin error) closed by moo
worksforme: 1.2.2 was an outdated version, reopen if reproduced in 1.3.x
07:10 Ticket #244 (Memory consumption issue with Xcache.) closed by moo
duplicate: dup of #258
07:09 Ticket #216 (Drupal 7 HEAD segfaults xcache) closed by moo
invalid: bug was fixed in newer version (1.2.2 and later). upgrade and reproduce it …
07:06 Ticket #239 (Internal Server error on admin page) closed by moo
worksforme: cannot reproduce in 1.3.2-dev, can u or someone please provide a debug …
06:59 Ticket #252 (Potential memory leak) closed by moo
duplicate: dup of #258
06:57 Ticket #231 (PHP 5.3.x + XCache 1.3 + Apache2 does not work) closed by moo
invalid: closing as it works reported by bigbug
06:55 Ticket #194 (PHP 5.3 class type hint must be null error with namespaces) closed by moo
worksforme: works for me in branches/1.3 (1.3.2-dev)
06:44 Ticket #173 (win php5.2 distribution - admin does not include header.tpl.php and ...) closed by moo
fixed: this problem should have been fixed in later release
06:41 Ticket #238 (if and else execute together! (class extends)) closed by moo
worksforme: pls try 1.3.1 or 1.3.2 or svn branches/1.3 […]
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