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05:02 Ticket #224 (2G/4G limitation on 64bit arch) closed by moo
fixed: updated fix in r675 for trunk. tested. back ported to b1.3 as r676
04:20 XcacheApi edited by moo
04:20 Ticket #225 (xcache_unset matching e.g. prefixed_ values) closed by moo
fixed: implemented r674 for b1.3 and r673 for trunk
03:08 Ticket #226 (delete single files from cache) created by nitrox
Hi! In case someone doesn´t want to use stat() or if the filechange isn´t …
03:06 Ticket #225 (xcache_unset matching e.g. prefixed_ values) created by nitrox
Hi! I´d like to unset a bunch of vars at once, matching e.g. prefixed …


13:48 Ticket #224 (2G/4G limitation on 64bit arch) created by moo


04:47 Ticket #157 (support user error handler for E_STRICT/E_DEPRECATED) closed by moo
04:46 Ticket #197 (xcache cache 2 different site with a strange merge (?!?)) closed by moo
fixed: I've addressed it in r662 finally :)
04:43 Ticket #107 (Add "per-second" stats to xcache admin) closed by moo
fixed: i have hourly/secondly stats on cache hit, in admin page shown as a graph, …
04:39 Ticket #196 (files missing from ADMIN sub-directory of latest win32 binary release) closed by moo
04:39 Ticket #181 (Xcache 1.2.2 php 5.2.5 doesnt include header.tpl, footer.tpl file) closed by moo
04:38 Ticket #178 (mmap crashing php) closed by moo
04:36 Ticket #218 ([patch] Support for arrays in xcache-admin) closed by moo
04:32 Ticket #203 (Could xcache provide function such as apc_define_constants?) closed by moo
04:24 Ticket #215 (How Can install xcache with Zend Optimizer v3.3.3) closed by moo
invalid: zend_extension=c:\path\to\xcache.dll before any other "zend_extension=". …
04:23 Ticket #182 (templates garbled when xcache.stat = On) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in 1.3
04:19 Ticket #168 (filesystem cache) closed by moo
duplicate: same as #169
04:17 NewsArchive edited by moo
04:17 WikiStart edited by moo
04:13 AutoHardLinking edited by moo
Name changed from ContentSharedHashCaching? to AutoHardLinking (diff)
04:13 AutoHardLinking edited by moo
04:10 AutoHardLinking edited by moo
04:10 AutoHardLinking created by moo
03:43 Ticket #161 (xcache keeps on crashing, core attached) closed by moo
fixed: i assume it caused by a broken PHP 5.2.5 which issue memory corrupt
03:41 Ticket #159 (White pages after raising size to any greater than 0) closed by moo
worksforme: no feedback
03:40 Ticket #193 (Hash collision when files are dynamically deleted and created again) closed by moo
fixed: fixed as: […]
03:37 Ticket #129 (TODO: fix compatibility with PHP_5_3) closed by moo
03:37 Ticket #208 (null as default value for parameters with array type hint produces a fatal ...) closed by moo
03:35 Ticket #214 (xcache compile error) closed by moo
03:35 Ticket #142 (support for php 5.3) closed by moo
03:33 Milestone 1.3.0 completed
bug fixes, PHP_5_3 support


20:23 Ticket #223 (E_DEPRECATED error at parsing - Custom error handler cant access ...) created by patphobos
[…] page_with_an_error.php: […] the custom error handler is …


15:18 Ticket #222 (several segfaults with r662) closed by moo
fixed: try r667 :)
05:25 Release-1.3.0 edited by moo
05:25 Release-1.3.0.zh created by moo
05:14 Release-1.3.0 created by moo
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05:08 NewsArchive edited by moo
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05:07 NewsArchive edited by moo
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19:54 Ticket #222 (several segfaults with r662) created by nitrox
Hi mOo! php 5.2.10-r_2 from debian repo + lighty svn r661 works as …


20:33 Ticket #221 (Cache local files relative to the current execution-path) created by thomasb
When doing an include in a php-file: […] xcache fails to cache the …
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