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17:17 Ticket #179 (xcache_set/get Multiple Keys) created by paulgao@…
一般情况下,在执行的 PHP 脚本中,很少会只用一次两次的 var cache。 都会这么写: foreach ($data AS $key => …


13:34 Ticket #178 (mmap crashing php) created by xsawyerx@…
When using xcache, if the kernel does not support enough size for xcache …
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18:55 Ticket #177 (about the xcache admin error) created by vyouzhi
see here, when i login admin and clean var or php, the xcache give me the …


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Some style corrections (diff)
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Added 3rd idea (diff)


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21:57 Ticket #176 (xcache_isset support XC_TYPE_PHP) created by anonymous
Why xcache_isset do not support check, if a specific php file is cached or …
21:24 Ticket #175 (Feature File Upload) created by Bojan
It would be nice if xcache can have a feature to get information of …
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