00:28 Ticket #173 (win php5.2 distribution - admin does not include header.tpl.php and ...) created by joelbenbox@…
Hi After following the installation steps, the admin directory does …


04:10 Changeset [551] by moo
  • trunk/xcache.c

fix build for PHP_4

03:59 Ticket #172 (报 Segmentation fault 错误) closed by moo
invalid: 不启用 XCache 的时候, 用cli版的 php -m 也会"Segmentation fault (core dumped)", …
03:58 Ticket #172 (报 Segmentation fault 错误) reopened by moo
03:47 Ticket #172 (报 Segmentation fault 错误) closed by moo
fixed: 可以重现 -m 问题, 不过 -v 没问题


11:36 Ticket #172 (报 Segmentation fault 错误) created by gaochunhui@…
XCACHE 1.2.2 在 PHP 4.4.8 下编译,命令行下执行 php -m,报 Segmentation fault 错误,执行 …


14:51 Changeset [550] by moo
  • trunk/xcache.h

PHP_5_2: 5.2.6 has its own changes which is not the same as in 5_3 for implementing alloca limit


17:06 Changeset [549] by moo
  • trunk/admin/common.php

check get_magic_quotes_gpc which is deprecated


11:33 Ticket #171 (Typo3 fails when Xcache is enabled) created by steltek@…
Using a Debian testing/lenny System my Typo3 installation (4.1.6) …
06:13 Ticket #170 (xcache loads cached PHP files when directory name is changed) closed by moo
duplicate: duplicate of #117


11:00 Ticket #170 (xcache loads cached PHP files when directory name is changed) created by Dark Light
xcache loads cached PHP files when directory name is changed


22:05 Ticket #169 (Cache to Disk Enhancement) created by Gavin
http://forum.lighttpd.net/topic/3220 Re: Encoder/Decoder? Posted by …


14:22 Ticket #168 (filesystem cache) created by gero.mueller@…
I use eaccelerator in an multi customer virtual host environment with …


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15:36 Changeset [548] by moo
  • trunk/coverager.c
  • trunk/processor/processor.m4
  • trunk/utils.c

PHP_5_3 support: uses ZEND_COMPILE_IGNORE_INTERNAL_CLASSES and ZEND_COMPILE_DELAYED_BINDING stuffs for PHP_5_3 support finally

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