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13:49 Ticket #166 (xcache doesn't work -) created by kg@…
I get a lot of these errors all the time. Also, server load is very high …


08:52 Ticket #83 (figure out if uniq cache is conflict with SplitedCache) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [540], hash on basename.
08:52 Ticket #83 (figure out if uniq cache is conflict with SplitedCache) reopened by moo
fixed in [540], hash on basename.


05:32 Ticket #165 (Configure Apache) closed by moo
invalid: try mod_fastcgi or mod_php4/5 this is not a right place to ask question. …


15:01 Ticket #165 (Configure Apache) created by WoLeRiNe
I use Apache2.2 wih "Server API CGI". How can i enable xcache for this …


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04:31 Ticket #164 (warning/error when XCache is loaded incorrectly) created by moo
it's sometimes easy to configure with "" …


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fix link for 1.2.2 (diff)


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removed spammer link (diff)


13:43 Ticket #163 (X-Cache corrupting PHP session information) closed by moo
invalid: thx for your feedback, you may want to add a note/comment in the php bug …


03:02 Ticket #120 (Unable to post to the forums) closed by moo
worksforme: i'm really sorry that i can reproduce it. next time you get this error, …
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