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13:52 Ticket #162 (Test) closed by moo


23:39 Ticket #162 (Test) created by anonymous


15:42 Ticket #161 (xcache keeps on crashing, core attached) created by ch@…
Hello xcache keeps on crashin. I have three core files saved with an …


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07:02 Ticket #160 (After installing xcache the pages are gone blank :S) closed by judas_iscariote
wontfix: This happends because you didnt read the release notes nor the main page, …


16:28 Ticket #160 (After installing xcache the pages are gone blank :S) created by admin@…
Hello. I just tried to install xcache to my fedora server.Everything went …


14:37 Ticket #151 (Symfony Framework: XCache Auth still there, even when its disabled) closed by moo
invalid: it's "xcache.admin.enable_auth", i assume that you read the ticket and …
05:00 Ticket #138 (Crash with long xcache.mmap_path) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [516] in trunk. to be back merged


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Updated current 1.2.x link (diff)


14:59 Ticket #158 (Fatal error: Cannot redeclare function() with xcache 1.2.2) closed by moo
invalid: it's because there's 2 require("functions.php"); and i can't make it work …
11:58 Ticket #159 (White pages after raising size to any greater than 0) created by anonymous
Hi, i'm fiddling around with xcache for some hours now but i can't get …
04:24 Ticket #158 (Fatal error: Cannot redeclare function() with xcache 1.2.2) created by ctribe
I've just installed Xcache to optimize vbulletin board but it's causing me …


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05:03 Milestone 1.2.2 completed
bug fixes


10:57 Ticket #157 (support user error handler for E_STRICT/E_DEPRECATED) created by moo
E_STRIC/E_DEPRECATEDT warning is disabled for user custom error handler …


11:07 Ticket #156 (3个月没更新了,出了什么问题?) closed by moo
invalid: 讨论/问问题请用 跟进 PHP_5_3 没难度. 没必要跟着来回改动
07:37 Ticket #156 (3个月没更新了,出了什么问题?) created by anonymous
lighttpd和xcache怎么都不更新了,出了什么情况? 介绍里说[[能够快速跟进 PHP …
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