18:39 Ticket #153 (xCache Problem...) created by sood1992@…
[…] I get this error Link to my phpinfo :) …


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04:06 Ticket #152 (Weird PHP errors when files get deleted and copied again (multiple times ...) created by blueyed
I have a demo setup for a PHP application and to reset it, I'm removing …


12:49 Ticket #151 (Symfony Framework: XCache Auth still there, even when its disabled) created by andy@…
Hi there, We are working with the latest version of the symfony framework …


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20:52 Ticket #150 (Xcache 1.2.1, php 5.2.5 and Joomla problem) created by anonymous
It seems that Xcache 1.2.1 has some compatibility problems with Joomla …
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05:50 Ticket #149 (希望增加 定时清空缓存) created by linuxsir
目的防止出现白板情况,因为在我的测试中,发现对于DRUPAL会出现白板的情况。我感觉是DRUPAL的程序问题。当然这个并不是XCACHE …


10:21 Ticket #144 (can't post forms) closed by moo
invalid: thanks for your comments in #146
10:21 Ticket #146 (in re to #144) closed by moo
invalid: thx
10:20 Ticket #148 (Installing XCache on php4 mod apache and php5 via cgi) closed by moo
invalid: phpize4 --lean && phpize4 && ./configure …


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13:11 Ticket #148 (Installing XCache on php4 mod apache and php5 via cgi) created by combox@…
Hello! How i must compille it if on the server is two php version like: …
01:32 Ticket #147 (solaris, apache2.0 worker mpm: xc_fcntl_lock failed errno:13x) created by crozierm@…
(see configuration details at the end) I was testing an XCache …


01:58 Ticket #146 (in re to #144) created by brian@…
I couldn't login to reply to the old ticket... …
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