03:57 Ticket #138 (Crash with long xcache.mmap_path) created by judas_iscariote
we have a crash with : […] SEGV on 0x00002ac028a2c9d8 in …


16:54 Ticket #137 (Problem with mysqli extension) created by philipp.kempgen@…
Default installation of apache2 with php5 on Debian Etch (so it would …


15:59 XcacheTesting edited by chris78


21:05 Ticket #136 (xcache wont compile) created by xcache.lighttpd@…


08:31 Changeset [484] by moo
  • trunk/processor/dispatch.m4
  • trunk/processor/processor.m4

fix: zval_data type size mismatch

08:26 Changeset [483] by moo
  • branches/1.2
  • branches/1.2/processor/processor.m4

merged [482] from trunk: fixed #129, added idx_type for PHP_5_3

08:24 Changeset [482] by moo
  • trunk/processor/processor.m4

fixed #129, added idx_type for PHP_5_3


11:42 Ticket #134 (Remove XCache) closed by moo
invalid: simply remove all references to XCache in php.ini, and remove …
11:39 Ticket #135 (php.ini gonfig) closed by moo
invalid: xcache.admin.pass is wrong, it must be md5()'ed. install XCache admin …
11:38 Ticket #133 (Wich version useful for me?!) closed by moo
invalid: 1.2.1, and pls stop asking question in trac, use …


23:28 Ticket #135 (php.ini gonfig) created by sara.selseleh@…
i install last stable xcach for php 5.2.4 in linux os. this is my …
23:23 Ticket #134 (Remove XCache) created by sara.selseleh@…
Hello, How can uninstall xcache in linux server?!
23:17 Ticket #133 (Wich version useful for me?!) created by sara.selseleh@…
Hi, 5.2.4 Php and 1.3.39 apache install on my server. (CentOS) in need …
03:05 Ticket #129 (TODO: fix compatibility with PHP_5_3) reopened by judas_iscariote
some more to fix, with current 5_3 […] I think we might need to …


22:20 Ticket #132 (XCache w/ Multiple "Count" option on IIS w/ PHP via FastCGI Fails to Load) created by ComputerGuru@…
Running PHP 5.2.4-nts on IIS 6 via FastCGI and latest XCache 1.2.1-nts …


13:35 Ticket #129 (TODO: fix compatibility with PHP_5_3) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [480] for trunk and [481] for b1.2 should compiles now
13:35 Changeset [481] by moo
  • branches/1.2
  • branches/1.2/processor/head.m4
  • branches/1.2/processor/processor.m4

merged [480] from trunk: compile against PHP_5_3

13:24 Changeset [480] by moo
  • trunk/processor/head.m4
  • trunk/processor/processor.m4
  • trunk/xcache.h

compile against PHP_5_3

11:49 Ticket #130 (mod_rewrite vulnerability) closed by moo
fixed: please move to http://trac.lighttpd.net/, thanks
11:40 Ticket #131 (warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules) closed by moo
invalid: this warning is issued when compiling php too, mostly on calling …
08:56 Ticket #131 (warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules) created by judas_iscariote
We have the following warnings with current GCC versions […] we …


16:22 Ticket #130 (mod_rewrite vulnerability) created by sparrow@…
lighttpd-1.4.18 ------------------------------ lighttpd.conf: …
04:46 Ticket #129 (TODO: fix compatibility with PHP_5_3) created by judas_iscariote
Currently stuff is no longer compiling with the new PHP_5_3 branch, …


03:23 Ticket #128 (lighttpd+fastcgi memory problem) closed by moo
invalid: try x-sendfile etc. and you should move this ticket to …


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08:55 Ticket #128 (lighttpd+fastcgi memory problem) created by kyle.d.cannon@…
I have a script that limits downloads and tracks bandwidth through …


03:45 Ticket #127 (E_STRICT errors not caught by custom error handler) closed by moo
wontfix: yep, it's by design. E_STRICT trigger user defined handler mixing …


23:33 Ticket #127 (E_STRICT errors not caught by custom error handler) created by c960657
I use a custom error handler to mute E_STRICT errors generated by PEAR …
02:00 Ticket #118 (XCache SMP problem, whole linux system crash) closed by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously …
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