18:47 Ticket #122 (Xcache not loaded with php 5.2.4) closed by moo
invalid: thanks. nice to see it works for you
18:47 Ticket #124 (xCache and phpMyAdmin) closed by moo
duplicate: this is fixed already. pls upgrade to 1.2.1
16:27 Ticket #124 (xCache and phpMyAdmin) created by Mb
In phpMyAdmin, all current versions, you cannot export any type of …
13:05 Ticket #123 (autoload malfunction) created by glen
[…] there exists __autoload() function which will include …
12:46 Changeset [479] by moo
  • branches/1.2
  • branches/1.2/config.m4
  • branches/1.2/config.w32

scheme=malloc was broken in [465]

12:45 Changeset [478] by moo
  • trunk/config.m4
  • trunk/config.w32
  • trunk/xc_malloc.c

scheme=malloc was broken in [470]


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17:37 Ticket #122 (Xcache not loaded with php 5.2.4) created by axel
Hi @all, today i upgraded my php version from 5.2.3 to 5.2.4. Xcache …


00:00 Ticket #121 (xcache ignores mtime of cached files.) closed by judas_iscariote
invalid: this is just the way it works, not a bug.


14:36 Ticket #121 (xcache ignores mtime of cached files.) created by alexo
Not sure if it's bug or 'feature', but I want modified files to be …


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21:10 Ticket #120 (Unable to post to the forums) created by jrabbit
Whenever I try and post a message or a reply on the forums I get a …
02:00 Ticket #65 (Cannot redeclare class) closed by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously …


02:00 Tickets #81,​111 batch updated by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously …


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20:54 Ticket #119 (xcache 1.2.1 has problems together with zend optimizer 3.3.0) created by anonymous
In the admin page, the compile is always set to "yes" and the clogging …


14:10 Ticket #118 (XCache SMP problem, whole linux system crash) created by axel
Hi, today i tested xcache on a rhel5 server. I started some stress …


18:44 XcacheIni edited by StevenMcCoy
auto_globals_jit requirement fixed in changeset #268 (v1.2.0) (diff)
15:12 Ticket #117 (__FILE__ doesn't work correctly in hard-linked files) created by sherwind@…
A file that require()s a config file located in …


16:15 Changeset [477] by moo
  • trunk/optimizer.c
  • trunk/optimizer.h
  • trunk/xcache.c

opcodes data is copied but not the op_array. use op_array_handler instead

15:59 Changeset [476] by moo
  • trunk/optimizer.c

static function

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