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20:54 Ticket #119 (xcache 1.2.1 has problems together with zend optimizer 3.3.0) created by anonymous
In the admin page, the compile is always set to "yes" and the clogging …


14:10 Ticket #118 (XCache SMP problem, whole linux system crash) created by axel
Hi, today i tested xcache on a rhel5 server. I started some stress test …


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auto_globals_jit requirement fixed in changeset #268 (v1.2.0) (diff)
15:12 Ticket #117 (__FILE__ doesn't work correctly in hard-linked files) created by sherwind@…
A file that require()s a config file located in dirname(__FILE__)


15:45 Ticket #116 (memory leaks while comparing xcache_get results) closed by moo
duplicate: this is duplicate as #95, i've updated the summary there
09:03 Ticket #116 (memory leaks while comparing xcache_get results) created by judas_iscariote
memory leak with the following code […] […]


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04:39 Ticket #102 (Segmentation fault with xcache.var_size=16K and small array) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [465], [467]. but i'm not sure if the case judas_iscariote …
03:57 Ticket #51 (PHP v5.2.3 coredumps if using xcache r272 on pfSense HEAD) closed by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously set …


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