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comment about optimizer (diff)


09:40 Ticket #88 ([patch] add a hack/option to disable variable cache authentication) created by judas_iscariote
as discussed on irc, here is a hack/patch to disable variable cache …
09:17 Ticket #87 (Zend/tests/bug35634.phpt is failing currenlty) created by judas_iscariote
that's it Zend/tests/bug35634.phpt is failing (copied here for …


08:56 Ticket #85 (Small improvement to ShellExample trac processor) closed by moo
fixed: a modified ShellExample.py is uploaded in the wiki page
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04:12 Ticket #76 (error 500 on /xcache-admin) closed by moo
invalid: no feedback, closing. i need a strace output
03:28 Ticket #82 (Moodle will not run with xcache at all) closed by moo
invalid: feel free to reopen if it's not fixed in 1.2.0
03:23 Ticket #80 (GC Interval Showing Negetive Time Value.) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [366]
03:21 Changeset in svn [366] by Xuefer
  • trunk/xcache.c

fixed #80: avoid negetive GC count down

03:21 Changeset in git [5f738c3] by Xuefer <xuefer@…>
  • xcache.c

fixed #80: avoid negetive GC count down

git-svn-id: svn://svn.lighttpd.net/xcache/trunk@366 c26eb9a1-5813-0410-bd6c-c2e55f420ca7

02:57 Changeset in svn [365] by Xuefer
  • trunk/optimizer.c

remove warning

02:57 Changeset in git [38b68ff] by Xuefer <xuefer@…>
  • optimizer.c

remove warning

git-svn-id: svn://svn.lighttpd.net/xcache/trunk@365 c26eb9a1-5813-0410-bd6c-c2e55f420ca7

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10:31 Ticket #86 (Enhance in xcache admin) created by safari
Currently, there's no way to unset/delete a var entry (data) in admin …


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