12:56 Ticket #79 (coredump on oom) created by moo
xcache.size=1M, non debug build analyze result: ce->parent need to be …


10:37 XcacheTesting edited by splattael


01:15 Ticket #78 (VBulletin 500 Error) created by mastermind
VBulletin 3.6.5 using PHP 4.4.5 via php_suexec on Apache 1.3.37 with …


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03:35 Ticket #77 (var cache is not updating misses/hits counter correctly) created by moo
make clear that clogs is meanful or not (mark by "-")


03:06 Changeset [364] by moo
  • branches/1.2/admin/xcache.tpl.php

merged r363 from trunk: display "free blocks" in the correct position

03:05 Changeset [363] by moo
  • trunk/admin/xcache.tpl.php

display "free blocks" in the correct location


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12:22 Changeset [362] by moo
  • branches/1.2/admin/xcache.tpl.php

part of [361]

12:20 Changeset [361] by moo
  • branches/1.2/admin/xcache.css

merged [352] from trunk: css fix for percent bar and th font size in firefox

11:56 Changeset [360] by moo
  • trunk/admin/common-zh-simplified-utf-8.lang.php
  • trunk/admin/common-zh-traditional-utf-8.lang.php
  • trunk/admin/xcache.tpl.php

show hash value in admin

11:55 Changeset [359] by moo
  • trunk
  • trunk/xcache.c

merged from 1.2: fix for #71, fix inode hvalue issue by better hashing

11:51 Ticket #71 (even inode number result in hashing issue for cacheid (was php#0 (any one) ...) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [356] for branches/1.2
11:51 Changeset [358] by moo
  • branches/1.2/xcache.c

fixed #71 inode hasing issue on some fs, by folding hash value with xor so every bits takes its value


17:05 Ticket #76 (error 500 on /xcache-admin) created by till
Versions: […] The log produces the following error: […] ---- My …


14:19 Ticket #75 (xcache not working) closed by moo
invalid: jot down your question and ask at http://forum.lighttpd.net/forum/4, …
14:16 WikiStart edited by moo
13:58 Ticket #75 (xcache not working) created by paldays
Hello, i was installed xcache, but i didn't c it in phpinfo page i use …
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09:26 Ticket #74 (Some Enhancement.) created by Nneel
- Add GUI feature to exclude particular directory & particular *.php files …
09:16 XcacheTesting edited by Nneel


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19:38 Ticket #72 (var.cache is not working.) closed by moo
invalid: XCache var cache is working, you have to patch/hack vBulletin code so it …
19:18 Faq edited by moo
19:13 Ticket #73 (check PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN and warn if it's not set for fcgi mode) created by moo
See http://forum.lighttpd.net/topic/5207. fcgi must be in prefork mode …
19:10 Ticket #72 (var.cache is not working.) created by Nneel
We are using Xcache 1.2.0. we are on vbulletin 3.6.4 cPanel+Apache …
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19:43 Ticket #71 (even inode number result in hashing issue for cacheid (was php#0 (any one) ...) created by Nneel
we are on vbulletin 3.6.4 cPanel+Apache 1.3.37+CentOS 4(Redhat AS4) +Dual …
03:33 Ticket #62 (percentage bars dont work on konqueror) closed by moo
fixed: thanks for your confirmation


22:17 Ticket #70 (Authentication fails (user and password garbled in ...) created by blueyed
I've just rebuilt PHP_5_2 and XCache from the 1.2 branch, but now the …


14:10 Changeset [357] by moo
  • branches/1.2/processor/main.m4

trunk->1.2: merged [356] [342]

14:09 Ticket #61 (use of xcache_clear_cache from the command line, seems to be impossible) closed by moo
wontfix: let cli request the webserver/php-page which do the cache clear job.
14:04 Changeset [356] by moo
  • trunk/processor/main.m4

processor: fix warning about undefined item_ for popdef, thanks Elan Ruusam?e

06:20 Ticket #69 (php fails to initialise correctly) closed by judas_iscariote
invalid: Not a bug, you need to recompile Xcache correctly.


20:59 Ticket #69 (php fails to initialise correctly) created by karlos
Failed loading …


12:46 Changeset [355] by moo
  • trunk
  • trunk/Makefile.frag
  • trunk/config.m4

1.2->trunk: fixed broken configure when XCache source is bundled in php

12:42 Ticket #68 ([169] broke configure when XCache source is bundled in php) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [354]
12:42 Changeset [354] by moo
  • branches/1.2/Makefile.frag
  • branches/1.2/config.m4
  • branches/1.2/config.w32

fixed #68: [169] broke configure when XCache source is bundled in php

12:23 Ticket #68 ([169] broke configure when XCache source is bundled in php) created by gab
The changeset 169 add in config.m4 a replacement from $AWK to LANG=C $AWK. …


07:09 Ticket #67 (php fatal errors) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [353]
07:09 Changeset [353] by moo
  • trunk/xcache.c

fixed #67, to success compile on OOM

06:13 Changeset [352] by moo
  • trunk/admin/xcache.css
  • trunk/admin/xcache.tpl.php

css fix for percent bar and th font size in firefox


12:52 WikiStart edited by moo
11:35 Ticket #67 (php fatal errors) created by creole
Hi, I emerged dev-php/xcache-9999 (XCache v2.0.0-dev) with php …
09:02 Changeset [351] by moo
  • trunk/utils.h

fix tab

09:01 Changeset [350] by moo
  • trunk/utils.h

use AfxTrace? way of TRACE for release build

08:48 Changeset [349] by moo
  • trunk/utils.c
  • trunk/utils.h

build with vc6 by fixing TRAC va_arg

00:48 Release-1.2.0 edited by ryandesign
typo (diff)
00:47 Release-1.2.0 edited by ryandesign
proofread, improve wording (diff)


10:15 Ticket #66 (debug_backtrace + array_shift = crash) closed by moo
invalid: it's invalid instead of wontfix
10:15 Ticket #66 (debug_backtrace + array_shift = crash) reopened by moo
07:05 XcacheRedist edited by judas_iscariote
07:03 XcacheRedist edited by judas_iscariote
06:58 WikiStart edited by judas_iscariote
2.x is unstable ;) (diff)
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12:02 Ticket #66 (debug_backtrace + array_shift = crash) closed by moo
wontfix: it's a problem of 5.2.0 itself, i guess, so won't fix. relatived …
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