20:11 Ticket #62 (percentage bars dont work on konqueror) created by exobuzz
the percent bar doesn't work on konqueror. to fix the surrounding div …
18:43 Release-1.2.0 edited by exobuzz
Fixed version numbers in download descriptions (diff)


16:58 Ticket #60 (xcache crashes with php 5.0.4) closed by judas_iscariote
wontfix: OK, I added a note to the 1.2 release and moo updated the main page …
01:36 WikiStart edited by moo
support for 5.0.x series is dropped, it did work since some time in fact (diff)
01:25 Release-1.2.0 edited by moo
00:55 Release-1.2.0 edited by judas_iscariote
note that 5.0.x is not (longer?) supported. (diff)


22:22 XcacheRedist edited by jasonlitka
Added link for RHEL/CentOS src.rpm (diff)
20:50 Ticket #61 (use of xcache_clear_cache from the command line, seems to be impossible) created by judas_iscariote
it is impossible to xcache_clear_cache() from the CLI sapi, since it …


03:24 Ticket #60 (xcache crashes with php 5.0.4) created by e98cuenc
xcache 1.2.0 makes php 5.0.4, tested with apache2 + mod_php and …


20:55 Ticket #59 (Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded with SquirrelMail 1.4.8, ...) created by shark
When I try read some of email il log i see this: 2006-12-21 21:35:08: …


10:42 XcacheTesting edited by moo


04:30 XcacheTesting edited by judas_iscariote
04:28 XcacheTesting edited by judas_iscariote
atm, just test against 1.2 (diff)
04:12 WikiStart edited by judas_iscariote
add a hint for php 5.2 users (diff)


04:47 Ticket #58 (integrate run-xcachetest with phpbench) created by judas_iscariote
Will be nice if we can integrate run-xcachetest with …


03:14 Ticket #56 (xcache_set segfaults when xcache.var_size=0) closed by moo
fixed: it is a bug that it didn't handle all the error case reaching "the …


17:35 Ticket #56 (xcache_set segfaults when xcache.var_size=0) reopened by judas_iscariote
now try […] result PHP Fatal error: XCache: internal error …
11:59 Ticket #56 (xcache_set segfaults when xcache.var_size=0) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [324]


13:35 Ticket #57 (Forums does not work) closed by moo
fixed: thx
05:11 Ticket #57 (Forums does not work) created by judas_iscariote
Forums currenlty report an HTTP 500 error code, making it's usage …
03:16 PhpIni edited by judas_iscariote


01:17 Release-1.2.0 edited by moo


17:54 Ticket #56 (xcache_set segfaults when xcache.var_size=0) created by judas_iscariote
[…] […] this is branch 1.2 (even though the directory is …
16:06 Ticket #55 (xcache crashes php tokenizer on certain special situation) created by judas_iscariote
xcache crashes php tokenizer, on a special situation, only with …
13:16 WikiStart edited by moo
12:43 WikiStart edited by moo


09:57 Milestone 1.2 completed
Implementing features and fixing bugs
09:51 Release-1.2.0 edited by moo
09:48 Release-1.2.0 edited by moo
09:40 Release-1.2.0 edited by moo
mark it as unstable, untill we got user feedbacks and bumped version … (diff)
08:54 Release-1.2.0 edited by moo
08:53 Release-1.2.0 created by moo
1.2.0 Release
08:51 WikiStart edited by moo
1.2.0 released (diff)
08:51 ReleaseArchive edited by moo
1.2.0 released (diff)
08:50 Release-1.1.0 edited by moo
abandon 1.1.0 release (diff)
00:58 WikiStart edited by moo
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