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03:42 Ticket #54 (1.2.0-rc1 does not compile on Solaris 10 with native m4) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [290] [291] [292] also done [294] thanks to your solaris box


07:38 Ticket #54 (1.2.0-rc1 does not compile on Solaris 10 with native m4) created by toha


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02:47 Ticket #48 (leaking info when cacher is not enabled) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [279]


14:00 Milestone 1.0.3 completed
To fix bugs that need tiny changes, which never make XCache unstable.
13:56 Milestone 1.1 completed
For implementing features and fixing bugs.


12:14 Ticket #53 (500 error with Wordpress) created by johnleach
Hi, I'm seeing a 500 error returned in Wordpress. It is fixed with either …


07:14 Ticket #52 (Problem with adodb when use pdo_mysql driver) closed by moo
fixed: thanks safari, closing as "fixed" instead of "invalid"


09:27 Ticket #52 (Problem with adodb when use pdo_mysql driver) created by safari
Code: […] When not use xCache, will see "before" and the dump of …
05:50 Ticket #51 (PHP v5.2.3 coredumps if using xcache r272 on pfSense HEAD) created by DanielSHaischt
At pfSense we are currently trying to integrate Xcache together with PHP …


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