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01:54 Ticket #50 (race condiction creating mmap_path file (was trunk segfaults on php 5_2 ...) created by judas_iscariote
XCache trunk currently SEGV with the PHP test suite (5_2) you need to run …


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login is now needed (diff)


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12:29 Ticket #46 (xcache breaks Wordpress plugin WP-Cache2) closed by moo
fixed: thanks for your response
08:07 Ticket #49 (Xcache Does not build in PHP6) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [236]
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add a note aboutr unsupported PHP types .. (diff)
12:56 Ticket #49 (Xcache Does not build in PHP6) created by judas_iscariote
This is just a reminder. currently Xcache does not build in PHP6 the …


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12:36 Ticket #48 (leaking info when cacher is not enabled) created by moo
the script (not extension) is leaking info due to xcache_count() …


20:25 Ticket #47 (xcache_set is broken in current SVN (1.2beta)) closed by moo
fixed: in v1.1.x [252] and v1.2.x [248]
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add missing app. (diff)


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fix spaces (diff)
02:52 Ticket #47 (xcache_set is broken in current SVN (1.2beta)) created by judas_iscariote
xcache_set is currently broken. […] php: …


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improve stuff (diff)


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renamed see news into see changelod (diff)
13:45 XcacheTesting created by judas_iscariote
plz review :)
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02:20 Ticket #43 (current svn does not pass php 5_2 test suite and glibc complains..) closed by moo
fixed: in [218]


14:46 Ticket #46 (xcache breaks Wordpress plugin WP-Cache2) created by john@…
When I turn on xcache.cacher I get blank pages from my Wordpress blogs …
13:41 Ticket #45 (xc_coverager_get_op_array_size_no_tail crash when size reaches 0) closed by moo
fixed: in [228]
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03:27 Ticket #45 (xc_coverager_get_op_array_size_no_tail crash when size reaches 0) created by judas_iscariote
Im getting a crash there... a quick looks says : seems when …
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06:14 Ticket #36 (Bug in inherited static class variables) closed by moo
fixed: in [220]
06:00 Ticket #36 (Bug in inherited static class variables) reopened by moo
static variable is not handled correctly, which breaks testcase …
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