15:14 Ticket #34 (Apache can't start with PHP/xcache) created by apachephp@…
My apache just does not to start with PHP/xcache with no log info. …
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spam filter sync with lighttpd trac (diff)


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05:57 Ticket #8 (Add docs for admin pages) closed by moo
fixed: in InstallAdministration
05:57 InstallAdministration created by moo
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05:14 Ticket #33 (1.1 stability review due to gc_interval) created by moo
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13:46 Ticket #32 (Problem with proxy requests and authentication) closed by moo
invalid: i don't think it possible for XCache to cause the problem, and there's …
10:10 Ticket #32 (Problem with proxy requests and authentication) created by Adam
Recently I moved my PHP app to use a multiplexing proxy. It takes …
02:39 Ticket #11 (implement intelligent purging of cache) closed by moo
fixed: fixed in [114], scan on gc_interval, not on OOM. other way is not …


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06:40 ReadonlyProtection created by moo
06:01 Ticket #29 (win32 error - Invalid argument) closed by moo
invalid: make your xcache.mmap_path set to a file, not directory. XCache must …


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07:19 Ticket #31 (cannot configure with disassembler) created by clay@…
Configuring trunk (r96) with --enable-xcache-disassembler fails with: …


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11:09 Ticket #30 (xcache_get_for_update/xcache_lock/xcache_unlock (was Integrated ...) created by Martyo
I would like x-cache to introduce an integrated locking system. Take …


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13:44 Ticket #29 (win32 error - Invalid argument) created by anonymous
Hi all, i have tried to install …
03:01 Ticket #28 (Win32 downloads not working) closed by moo
fixed: the link was changed. fixed. thanks.


18:50 Ticket #28 (Win32 downloads not working) created by Chris
Get a "page not found" error (in a weird font) at: …


15:07 Ticket #21 (Apache start: xcache.so: undefined symbol: destroy_zend_function) closed by moo
invalid: it has nothing to do with XCache but a bug (or feature request) in …
03:18 Ticket #27 (include vs. include_once) closed by moo
fixed: yeah, it was fixed in trunk [86] already.
02:15 Ticket #27 (include vs. include_once) created by alisencer@…
Using XCache1.0.1RC and PHP5.1.4 (debian) When XCache is enabled, …
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