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09:59 Ticket #12 (Apache 2.2.2 and PHP 5.1.4 support on Win32) closed by moo
fixed: in [74], please try autobuild @ …
05:56 Release-1.0 edited by moo


00:51 Ticket #12 (Apache 2.2.2 and PHP 5.1.4 support on Win32) created by rele@…
Every time I try to start the Apache service with activated XCache 1.0, …
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16:26 Ticket #11 (implement intelligent purging of cache) created by lapo@…
Correct me if I'm wrong, but right now XCache doesn't seem to purge old …
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15:04 hardening-0.4.11.patch attached to Release-1.0 by moo
patch to make XCache works with hardening-patched-php
15:03 Release-1.0 created by moo
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thanks Steve, and sorry for my misleading :P (diff)
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Added a little intro and further fixes to grammar. (diff)


13:07 Ticket #6 (Error on make install on freebsd) closed by moo
worksforme: i have xcache/build/shtool after phpize, under fbsd
06:20 Ticket #8 (Add docs for admin pages) closed by moo
fixed: in [60]
05:08 Ticket #10 (Segfault with xcache.readonly_protection = On) closed by moo
fixed: in #59, this bug was introduced by [11]


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Grammar fixes. (diff)
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Fixed some grammar errors. (diff)
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Just fixed some minor grammar issues. (diff)
14:27 Ticket #10 (Segfault with xcache.readonly_protection = On) created by jfbustarret AT
When using xcache.readonly_protection = On, I get the following segfault : …
04:18 Ticket #9 (/dev/zero disapearing after starting apache) closed by moo
fixed: in [57] and rc4.
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13:55 Ticket #9 (/dev/zero disapearing after starting apache) created by jfbustarret@…
When using the default ini settings (xcache.mmap_path = "/dev/zero"), …
04:27 Ticket #7 (add file extension config) closed by moo
worksforme: thanks, but xcache never checks extensions, whatever files …
01:36 Ticket #8 (Add docs for admin pages) created by Adam
There is no documentation for installing and using the XCache admin pages. …
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Fixed forum link. (diff)


22:30 Ticket #7 (add file extension config) created by anonymous
Allow different file extensions to be used as cached file
21:33 Ticket #6 (Error on make install on freebsd) created by Adam
---------------------------------------------------------------------- …
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good status for fbsd :) (diff)
14:21 Ticket #5 (Cannot build on freebsd) closed by moo
fixed: in [35], [36], [38]
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08:54 Ticket #3 ([TOSHARE] Administrator Web Scripts) closed by moo
fixed: in [34] now.
04:51 DevelopersList created by moo
04:48 CallForTesters created by moo
04:42 Ticket #4 (xc_coveragedump_dir definition missing in xcache.c) closed by moo
fixed: this should have been fixed.
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21:26 Ticket #5 (Cannot build on freebsd) reopened by Adam
12:25 adam@admin # svn up …
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11:59 Ticket #5 (Cannot build on freebsd) closed by moo
fixed: the problem should be gone. fixed in [22]. see [GettingSource] about …
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07:24 Ticket #5 (Cannot build on freebsd) created by Adam
make generates: /usr/local/src/xcache/processor.c:1:28: processor_real.c: …
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11:10 Ticket #4 (xc_coveragedump_dir definition missing in xcache.c) created by rene@…
Missing definition results in error message "PHP Warning: PHP Startup: …
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13:14 Ticket #3 ([TOSHARE] Administrator Web Scripts) created by moo
Administrator Web Scripts monitoring/managing the cache has to be provided …
13:12 Ticket #2 ([TODO] AutoDisableOnCrash) created by moo
An opcode cacher makes php faster, but stablability is far more important …
13:07 Ticket #1 ([TODO] A Uptime statistics collector) created by moo
There should be a XCache uptime statistics collector, showing you how …
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