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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#179 xcache_set/get Multiple Keys cacher 3.3.0 enhancement 2008-05-31
#241 Compiled Code For eval() cacher 5.0.0 enhancement 2010-04-26
#242 xcache_get() For Multiple Keys cacher 5.0.0 enhancement 2010-04-28
#253 lazy stat (was: reduce the number of fstat call to help server on SAN and network file servers) cacher 3.3.0 enhancement 2010-10-19
#268 choosing specified cache slot for xcache_set cacher 3.3.0 enhancement 2011-12-08
#95 Memory is not free()'d after xcache_get() data is unset cacher 3.3.0 defect 2007-05-15
#176 xcache_isset support XC_TYPE_PHP cacher 5.0.0 defect 2008-05-10
#289 class loading fails using stream_wrapper_register for the file:// protocol with xcache enabled cacher undecided defect 2012-09-25
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