{1} Active Tickets

  • List all active tickets by priority.
  • Color each row based on priority.
  • If a ticket has been accepted, a '*' is appended after the owner's name
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SELECT p.value AS __color__,
   id AS ticket, summary, component,
   (CASE WHEN php.value ISNULL THEN '' ELSE php.value END) AS php,
   version, milestone, t.type AS type, 
   (CASE status WHEN 'assigned' THEN owner||' *' ELSE '' END) AS owner,
   time AS created,
   changetime AS updated, description AS _description,
   reporter AS reporter
  FROM ticket t
  JOIN enum p ON (p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority')
  LEFT OUTER JOIN ticket_custom php ON (t.id=php.ticket AND php.name='phpversion')

  WHERE status <> 'closed' 
  ORDER BY p.value, milestone, t.type, time

) AS tab
Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.