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#321 compilation impossible with --enable-xcache-dprint parameter moo defect blocker 3.0.4 cacher
#7 add file extension config somebody task critical component1
#90 jpgraph+xcache causes php to segfault moo defect critical 3.0.4 cacher
#132 XCache w/ Multiple "Count" option on IIS w/ PHP via FastCGI Fails to Load moo defect critical 3.0.2 build
#159 White pages after raising size to any greater than 0 moo defect critical 1.3.0 cacher
#238 if and else execute together! (class extends) moo defect critical 1.3.2 cacher
#6 Error on make install on freebsd somebody defect major component1
#53 500 error with Wordpress moo defect major black hole coverager
#84 datastore cache to XCache - vBadvanced problem moo defect major black hole website
#93 Segfault when using variable cache increment/decrement functions moo defect major cacher
#119 xcache 1.2.1 has problems together with zend optimizer 3.3.0 moo defect major cacher
#120 Unable to post to the forums moo defect major website
#125 Odd maximum execution time error moo defect major 3.0.0 cacher
#177 about the xcache admin error moo defect major 1.3.2 cacher
#185 Using a php script for sendmail_path causes segmentation fault moo defect major 1.3.2 cacher
#239 Internal Server error on admin page moo defect major 1.3.2 cacher
#246 Segmentation Fault moo defect major 2.0.1 cacher
#123 autoload malfunction moo defect minor cacher
#187 adming doesn work moo defect minor 1.3.0 admin
#194 PHP 5.3 class type hint must be null error with namespaces moo defect minor 1.3.2 cacher
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