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#204 XCache 1.2.2 does not cache zend guard file moo defect blocker cacher
#160 After installing xcache the pages are gone blank :S moo defect critical 1.3.0 cacher
#61 use of xcache_clear_cache from the command line, seems to be impossible moo defect major 1.2.1 cacher
#63 Cannot compile moo defect major cacher
#87 Zend/tests/bug35634.phpt is failing currenlty moo defect major cacher
#100 Error compiling xcache from source moo defect major cacher
#191 XCache & Joomla - Update Settings don't works moo defect major 1.3.2 cacher
#300 Error on PHP files containing multiple namespaces when XCache is enabled moo defect major 3.0.2 cacher
#302 页面载入初始化优化的建议 moo defect major black hole cacher
#305 Order of class declaration in same PHP file moo defect major black hole cacher
#310 make test on xcache-3.0.1 fails moo defect major 3.0.4 build
#314 Fatal error class redeclaration after return statement moo defect major 3.0.4 cacher
#317 Why XCache doesn't cache files in CLI? moo defect major 3.0.4 cacher
#60 xcache crashes with php 5.0.4 moo defect minor document
#79 coredump on oom moo defect minor 2.0.0 cacher
#114 Store precompiled opcode in filesystem and load at module startup moo enhancement minor 2.0.0 cacher
#115 Compile Error PHP 5.2.3 XCache 1.0.3 on debian gnu linux moo defect minor 1.2 build
#127 E_STRICT errors not caught by custom error handler moo defect minor admin
#203 Could xcache provide function such as apc_define_constants? moo enhancement minor 1.3.0 cacher
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