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#258 reproducible memory leak when xcache.size is set too small to process a request moo defect major cacher
#264 xcache fails with hardlinked sources and gallery2 moo defect major 2.0.1 cacher
#273 xcache and phar moo defect major 2.0.0 cacher
#275 compile error under osx 10.7.3 (Lion) moo defect major 2.0.0 build
#278 admin page in opera is broken moo defect major 2.0.0 cacher
#279 500 error moo defect major 2.0.1 cacher
#281 Apache Crashes Under Load With XCache moo defect major 3.0.1 cacher
#284 Cache not updated after renaming or moving directory moo defect major 2.0.1 cacher
#287 separated cache by vhost, with patch! moo enhancement major 3.0.0 cacher
#288 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'lower' moo defect major misc website
#290 Can't compile on FreeBSD 9 moo defect major 3.0.1 build
#293 Ioncube problem (XCache 3.0.1) moo defect major 3.0.1 cacher
#294 Xcache 3.0.x with Ioncube Loader moo defect major 3.0.1 cacher
#297 Segmentation fault on php execution moo defect major 3.0.2 cacher
#306 nginx 502 response when i enable xcache moo defect major 3.0.2 cacher
#307 Segmentation Fault during startup. moo task major 3.0.2 cacher
#312 Does not compile with PHP 5.5 moo defect major 3.1.0 build
#315 Problem building from source moo defect major 3.0.4 build
#318 Problem with constants in class moo defect major 3.1.0 disassembler
#326 Opcode SPEC for 5.4 moo defect major 3.1.0 disassembler
#327 Duplicate ++LOOPCOUNTER moo defect major 3.1.0 disassembler
#329 require/include 缓存的bcompiler编码文件出错 moo defect major 3.1.1 cacher
#333 Memory usage keeps growing while repeatedly require() the same empty file moo defect major 3.2.0 cacher
#337 Files cached incorrectly between vhosts moo defect major 3.2.0 cacher
#342 accessing to restoring from xcache variable crash php-fpm moo defect major undecided cacher
#347 the xcache is not support php 5.6.0 moo defect major 3.2.0 cacher
#348 Class properties created from __FILE__ break multi sites moo defect major 4.0.0 cacher
#10 Segfault with xcache.readonly_protection = On moo task minor 1.0.3 cacher
#11 implement intelligent purging of cache moo enhancement minor 1.1 cacher
#14 Weblog error with xcache: Cannot redeclare () moo defect minor 1.0.1 cacher
#15 pcode cache does not work moo defect minor component1
#17 invision power board somebody defect minor 2.0.1 cacher
#27 include vs. include_once moo defect minor 1.0.3 cacher
#49 Xcache Does not build in PHP6 moo defect minor 1.2 cacher
#62 percentage bars dont work on konqueror moo defect minor 2.0.0 admin
#78 VBulletin 500 Error moo defect minor 1.2.1 cacher
#91 Wrong INI rename: xcache.admin.enable_auth should be xcache.admin.auth (according to doc) moo defect minor 1.2.2 cacher
#107 Add "per-second" stats to xcache admin moo enhancement minor 1.3.0 admin
#110 Win32 package's admin directory is incomplete moo defect minor 1.2.2 admin
#138 Crash with long xcache.mmap_path moo defect minor 2.0.0 cacher
#173 win php5.2 distribution - admin does not include header.tpl.php and footer.tpl.php moo defect minor 1.3.2 cacher
#193 Hash collision when files are dynamically deleted and created again moo defect minor 1.3.0 cacher
#211 m4 macros should be quoted moo defect minor 1.3.0 build
#218 [patch] Support for arrays in xcache-admin moo defect minor 1.3.0 admin
#221 Cache local files relative to the current execution-path moo defect minor 2.0.0 cacher
#225 xcache_unset matching e.g. prefixed_ values moo enhancement minor 1.3.1 cacher
#236 compilation warnings moo defect minor 1.3.2 build
#257 __DIR__ value cached incorrectly when using opcode caching moo defect minor 2.0.0 cacher
#282 high miss if file does not exist moo defect minor 2.0.1 cacher
#322 Warnings while building from source moo defect minor 3.0.4 cacher
#8 Add docs for admin pages moo task trivial stupid doc document
#26 CC test only moo task trivial cacher
#85 Small improvement to ShellExample trac processor moo enhancement trivial website
#277 misleading option in config.w32 moo defect trivial 3.1.0 build
#280 Do not require a config.php for xcache-admin moo enhancement trivial 2.0.1 admin
#283 XCache admin APIs (admin page) cause SEGV if XCache failed to initize moo defect trivial 2.0.1 admin
#285 check for cli and setup xcache.var_size before commencing xcache_var.phpt moo enhancement trivial 4.0.0 build
#303 tablesort.js missing from Diagnosis and Coverager moo defect trivial admin
#320 MS VC compiler warnings moo enhancement trivial 3.1.0 build
#349 wired name of directory moo enhancement trivial 3.1.2 build
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