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#34 Apache can't start with PHP/xcache moo defect blocker 1.1 cacher
#274 xcache crash phar files moo defect blocker 2.0.0 cacher
#291 Wrong path for same ??? file moo defect blocker 3.0.2 cacher
#124 xCache and phpMyAdmin moo defect critical cacher
#217 The Windows Versions Of Admin Missing Files moo defect critical 1.3.0 admin
#234 Fatal Error with conditional class definition. moo defect critical 1.3.0 cacher
#265 php5-fpm segfault while xcache_get a key with object in data moo defect critical 3.0.0 cacher
#328 segfaults when using XCache 2.0.1 under heavy load moo defect critical 3.0.4 cacher
#370 Cached value of __FILE__ in class property moo defect critical undecided cacher
#116 memory leaks while comparing xcache_get results moo defect major 3.0.0 cacher
#168 filesystem cache moo enhancement major 1.3.0 cacher
#170 xcache loads cached PHP files when directory name is changed moo defect major 2.0.1 cacher
#244 Memory consumption issue with Xcache. moo defect major 1.3.2 cacher
#245 PHP with xcache crash, after restore object variable moo defect major 1.3.2 cacher
#248 Memory leak with xcache with constant caching moo defect major 1.3.2 cacher
#252 Potential memory leak moo defect major 1.3.2 cacher
#263 Cache filters moo enhancement major cacher
#309 make test on xcache-2.0.1 fails moo defect major 3.1.1 build
#331 Refcount of variables appears wrong moo defect minor undecided cacher
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