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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 [TOSHARE] Administrator Web Scripts mOo enhancement major admin
#48 leaking info when cacher is not enabled moo defect critical 1.2 admin
#62 percentage bars dont work on konqueror moo defect minor 2.0.0 admin
#70 Authentication fails (user and password garbled in xcache.c::xcache_admin_auth_check()?!) moo defect major admin
#77 var cache is not updating misses/hits counter correctly moo defect major 1.2.1 admin
#80 GC Interval Showing Negetive Time Value. moo defect major 1.2.1 admin
#86 Enhance in xcache admin moo enhancement major 1.2.1 admin
#103 Admin: edit.php throws warning and seems to be unable to edit array values moo defect major 2.0.0 admin
#104 Remove magic quotes when saving a value [patch] moo defect major 2.0.0 admin
#107 Add "per-second" stats to xcache admin moo enhancement minor 1.3.0 admin
#110 Win32 package's admin directory is incomplete moo defect minor 1.2.2 admin
#113 add "compile failures" in XCache admin stats moo enhancement major 1.2.2 admin
#127 E_STRICT errors not caught by custom error handler moo defect minor admin
#128 lighttpd+fastcgi memory problem moo defect critical admin
#130 mod_rewrite vulnerability moo defect critical admin
#131 warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules moo defect major 1.2.2 admin
#133 Wich version useful for me?! moo defect major 3.0.0 admin
#134 Remove XCache moo defect major admin
#135 php.ini gonfig moo defect major admin
#139 xcache admin page not showing up scripts run from CLI moo defect minor admin
#140 Some Problem moo defect critical admin
#141 Some Problem moo defect critical admin
#151 Symfony Framework: XCache Auth still there, even when its disabled moo defect major admin
#153 xCache Problem... moo defect critical admin
#181 Xcache 1.2.2 php 5.2.5 doesnt include header.tpl, footer.tpl file moo task major 1.3.0 admin
#187 adming doesn work moo defect minor 1.3.0 admin
#196 files missing from ADMIN sub-directory of latest win32 binary release moo defect major 1.3.0 admin
#217 The Windows Versions Of Admin Missing Files moo defect critical 1.3.0 admin
#218 [patch] Support for arrays in xcache-admin moo defect minor 1.3.0 admin
#235 TimeZone PHP Warnings On Administration Page moo defect trivial 1.3.1 admin
#262 Can't disable the xcache.admin.enable_auth moo defect critical admin
#280 Do not require a config.php for xcache-admin moo enhancement trivial 2.0.1 admin
#283 XCache admin APIs (admin page) cause SEGV if XCache failed to initize moo defect trivial 2.0.1 admin
#298 3.01版本安装在iis下,与zend optimizer有冲突,请问如何解决 moo defect blocker admin
#303 tablesort.js missing from Diagnosis and Coverager moo defect trivial admin
#345 Readonly Protection moo defect major undecided admin
#68 [169] broke configure when XCache source is bundled in php moo defect major 1.2.1 build
#108 compile failure on php 5.2.2 moo defect blocker 1.2 build
#115 Compile Error PHP 5.2.3 XCache 1.0.3 on debian gnu linux moo defect minor 1.2 build
#132 XCache w/ Multiple "Count" option on IIS w/ PHP via FastCGI Fails to Load moo defect critical 3.0.2 build
#136 xcache wont compile moo defect major build
#137 Problem with mysqli extension moo defect minor build
#183 XCache 1.2.2 fails to compile properly moo defect major 1.3.0 build
#211 m4 macros should be quoted moo defect minor 1.3.0 build
#214 xcache compile error moo defect blocker 1.3.0 build
#233 Conflict between Apache from MacPorts and build on Snow leopard moo defect major 1.3.1 build
#236 compilation warnings moo defect minor 1.3.2 build
#261 XCache requires Zend Engine API version 220060519, The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer. moo defect major 1.3.2 build
#271 Support for PHP 5.4 moo defect blocker 2.0.0 build
#275 compile error under osx 10.7.3 (Lion) moo defect major 2.0.0 build
#277 misleading option in config.w32 moo defect trivial 3.1.0 build
#285 check for cli and setup xcache.var_size before commencing xcache_var.phpt moo enhancement trivial 4.0.0 build
#290 Can't compile on FreeBSD 9 moo defect major 3.0.1 build
#309 make test on xcache-2.0.1 fails moo defect major 3.1.1 build
#310 make test on xcache-3.0.1 fails moo defect major 3.0.4 build
#312 Does not compile with PHP 5.5 moo defect major 3.1.0 build
#315 Problem building from source moo defect major 3.0.4 build
#319 XCache 3.0.3 fails to build on Fedora 19 moo defect major black hole build
#320 MS VC compiler warnings moo enhancement trivial 3.1.0 build
#330 Compilation failure windows xcache 3.0.3 moo defect blocker 3.0.4 build
#349 wired name of directory moo enhancement trivial 3.1.2 build
#350 Error while building from source moo defect major black hole build
#367 AUTOCHECK ERROR: ==== store zend_op_array ================= in 3.2.0 moo defect critical undecided build
#2 [TODO] AutoDisableOnCrash moo enhancement major 3.0.0 cacher
#9 /dev/zero disapearing after starting apache moo task critical 1.1 cacher
#10 Segfault with xcache.readonly_protection = On moo task minor 1.0.3 cacher
#11 implement intelligent purging of cache moo enhancement minor 1.1 cacher
#12 Apache 2.2.2 and PHP 5.1.4 support on Win32 moo defect major 1.0.1 cacher
#13 doesn't build in current PHP5_2 moo defect blocker 1.1 cacher
#14 Weblog error with xcache: Cannot redeclare () moo defect minor 1.0.1 cacher
#16 segfault on startup if readonly protections is disabled moo defect blocker 1.0.1 cacher
#17 invision power board somebody defect minor 2.0.1 cacher
#18 redeclaration somebody defect critical 1.0.1 cacher
#19 inheritance problem moo defect major 1.0.1 cacher
#20 support for __HALT_COMPILER() and __COMPILER_HALT_OFFSET__ moo defect major 1.1 cacher
#21 Apache start: undefined symbol: destroy_zend_function moo defect major 1.0.1 cacher
#26 CC test only moo task trivial cacher
#27 include vs. include_once moo defect minor 1.0.3 cacher
#29 win32 error - Invalid argument moo defect major 1.1 cacher
#31 cannot configure with disassembler moo defect major 1.2.1 cacher
#32 Problem with proxy requests and authentication moo defect major 1.1 cacher
#33 1.1 stability review due to gc_interval moo defect critical 1.1 cacher
#34 Apache can't start with PHP/xcache moo defect blocker 1.1 cacher
#35 httpd 2.2.2 crash with xcache enabled moo defect major 1.1 cacher
#36 Bug in inherited static class variables moo defect major 1.2 cacher
#37 xcache_get SEGV using objects moo defect major 3.0.0 cacher
#41 early class binding (was require_once with circular dependencies) moo defect major 1.2 cacher
#42 conflict between sandbox and user error handler moo defect major 1.0.3 cacher
#43 current svn does not pass php 5_2 test suite and glibc complains.. moo defect major 1.0.3 cacher
#46 xcache breaks Wordpress plugin WP-Cache2 moo defect major 1.2 cacher
#47 xcache_set is broken in current SVN (1.2beta) moo defect major 1.1 cacher
#49 Xcache Does not build in PHP6 moo defect minor 1.2 cacher
#51 PHP v5.2.3 coredumps if using xcache r272 on pfSense HEAD moo defect critical 1.2 cacher
#52 Problem with adodb when use pdo_mysql driver moo defect major 1.2 cacher
#54 1.2.0-rc1 does not compile on Solaris 10 with native m4 moo defect major 1.2 cacher
#55 xcache crashes php tokenizer on certain special situation moo defect major 1.2.2 cacher
#56 xcache_set segfaults when xcache.var_size=0 moo defect major 1.2.1 cacher
#59 Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded with SquirrelMail 1.4.8, XCache-1.2.0, php 5.1.6 moo defect major 1.2.2 cacher
#61 use of xcache_clear_cache from the command line, seems to be impossible moo defect major 1.2.1 cacher
#63 Cannot compile moo defect major cacher
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