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#191 wontfix XCache & Joomla - Update Settings don't works moo Jarod

If I enabled Xcache, it causes the Control Panel - Configuration page to not update. Disabling xcache fixes the issue.

I have installed XCache 1.2.1 on my server to reduce load and increase forum vBulletin and it works very well; but from that moment, I have a strange problem when I must change some values and update my settings in Control Panel - Configuration, in Administration, it don't save my changes!

And I can't change whatever options, values of my Components.

On my server I have:

Apache v2.2.9 (cgi-fcgi) PHP 5.2.6 Mysql 5.0.51a-community

Phpinfo =

#212 invalid XCache Is Not Loading - No Errors moo kaisellgren@…


I have been trying to load XCache extension without success. I have enabled startup errors on PHP.ini, but I do not get any errors. I have tried: extension=php_xcache.dll and: zend_extension_ts="C:\Portable Programs\PHP\ext\php_xcache.dll" and both do not do anything. I tried phpinfo() and it did not show XCache, I also tried some XCache functions and they were undefined of course... I am editing the right PHP.ini, because there is no else ini files and when I commented APC and eAccelerator to make sure they won't interfere, then the changes happened = they were gone, but XCache still did not work.

Any ideas? I'm using PHP 5.2.5 and the latest Win32 binaries from your site as well the one DLL that comes with the PHP release.

#344 invalid XCache is displaying var cache warning moo lalitkumar


First of all, thanks for this brilliant software. It seemed to have solved my long-standing problem of slow MediaWiki?. However, I am facing two problems:

1) Admin panel of XCache is very unstable. All the data keeps on going up and down unpredictably on refresh. Hit count, for example, keeps on going up and down. Also, Diagnosis tab is sometimes all green (meaning everything is good and OK) and then suddenly it begins to show errors.

2) I have set the following:

xcache.var_size = 100M (in php.ini) $wgMainCacheType = CACHE_ACCEL; (in LocalSettings?.php of MediaWiki?)

But still I am getting the following Warning message on all the pages of my wiki (well, in fact, appearance of this message is also unpredictable -on some pages it appears and on some it doesn't)

Warning: xcache_get() [function.xcache-get]: XCache var cache was not initialized properly. Check php log for actual reason in /home/lalit76/public_html/kk/includes/objectcache/XCacheBagOStuff.php on line 38

I have tried to find solution through Google and everywhere it is said that the xcache.var_size should be set to something like 100M; which I have already done. I also have told MW to use xcache and it is also working because cache gets hits.

Still the tens of warning messages appear on a lot of pages.

I am attaching screenshots of Admin Cacher and Diagnosis tabs.

Please help!

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