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#331 duplicate Refcount of variables appears wrong moo AlexisWilke

Hi guys,

I'm on Ubuntu with version 2.0.0 and could not see any ticket in regard to this bug. The Refcount in the admin screens shown for PHP snippets is correct. In most cases it is zero. However, for variables, it looks like something went wrong...

In most cases I see 4294967296 which is hexadecimal is 0x0000:0001:0000:0000, which looks like a 64 bits swapped value (i.e. if Refcount is expected to be 1 by default.)

The other number I see is similar to 140273040694784 -- that number varies -- which in hexadecimal seems to represent a memory address, this one is: 0x7F93DCC31E00.

I would hope it was fixed since version 2.0.0, but that's all that Ubuntu currently offers and since I did not see another report about this problem, I though I would create one anyway.

The cache seems to be working just fine otherwise.

#330 fixed Compilation failure windows xcache 3.0.3 moo weltling

Well, the config.w32 is very complicated. All that rexeg magic over m4, so here's an error. Please consider the attached patch, multiple occurences of the XCACHE_INDENT need 'g' flag.

#329 fixed require/include 缓存的bcompiler编码文件出错 moo mark35

如果php文件是函数定义,那么bcompiler编码后首次加载正常,第二次加载(xcache缓存命中)后 require/inlude并无报错但函数并未创建。 如果是用class来定义,则无此问题。


a.php <?php require 'b-encoded.php'; b(); -- 二次刷新后会报函数b不存在 ?>

b.php <?php function b() {

echo 'this is b.php';

} echo '这儿一直都能显示的'; ?>

用bencoder把b.php编译为b-encoded.php. 如果b.php是如下定义然后在a.php中调用,则二次刷新也正常 <?php class B {

function b() {

echo 'this is class b';


} ?>

a.php <?php require 'b-encoded.php'; $b = new B; $b->b(); 正常 ?>

CentOS X64 v6.4 PHP 5.3.27 xcache 3.0.3

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