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#12 fixed Apache 2.2.2 and PHP 5.1.4 support on Win32 moo rele@…

Every time I try to start the Apache service with activated XCache 1.0, the is created normally in the logs folder, but Apache does not start at all and the created remains. There is nothing logged to error.log.

The net start command reports System Error 1067.

I tried both ways: zend_extension_ts and extension. They produce the same result.

As soon as I comment the extension out from php.ini, Apache can be started normally again (only a warning about the found pid file is written to error.log).

This behaviour is every time reproducable.

Best regards, René Leonhardt

#126 invalid Apache 2.2.6 Segfaults with 1.2.1 moo brent@…

Apache 2.2.6 is segfaulting with xCache 1.2.1 and PHP 5.2.4. Using ioncube instead of Zend.

Please see this thread on for more information on the problem:

It contains phpinfo and the error logs.

#281 fixed Apache Crashes Under Load With XCache moo starams5

First, I want to say you guys did a good job with XCache 2.0.0 Final (XCache-2.0.0-php-5.3.10-Win32-VC9-x86). This version is more stable than the 1xx versions. I only have one problem, when the server starts to get under load (80+ users), Apache crashes and the Apache service will stops. This doesn't happen with APC or file based.

I've tried different settings, but I'm no export with these settings. Could you please help, and explain in detail what I can change to get this working.

Specs: Windows Server 2008 R2 Duel Quad Core Xeons 16Gb Memory

XAMPP 1.7.7, which includes:

Apache 2.2.21 MySQL 5.5.16 PHP 5.3.8 (Memory Limit Set At 128M)


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