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#94 fixed Garbage collector disabled when xcache.cacher set to off moo void

On 1.2 and i think also head revision,

the garbage collector doesn't work when xcache.cacher is set to off (got some segfault, and i was trying to isolate the cause).

But with xcache.cacher set to off, i got problems with the garbage collector countdown staying @ maximum level. and therefore var_cache is useless if we use expiration for semi dynamical datas.

#36 fixed Bug in inherited static class variables moo Vladan Zajda

Hello, There is a bug in inherited static class variable when using cached php. The value of inherited static variable is altered back to its initial value. Tested only on WinXP/PHP 5.1.6 using XCache 1.0.2 but this seems to be global bug.

Here's an example:

class B {
   static protected $B = 'initial value';
   public static function setB($value) {
      if ($value) {
         self::$B = 'different value';

   public function showBinB() {
      echo "static \$B in B = " . self::$B . "<br />";

class C extends B {
   public function showBinC() {
      echo "static \$B in C = " . self::$B . "<br />";

$c = new C();

#81 vbulletin 3.6.4 / 3.6.5 rare fatal errors viewing threads w xcache 1.0.3 moo vissa

Vbulletin 3.6.4 (security patched) RHEL4 php 4.4.5 xcache 1.0.3 (compiled from source -- you are missing this version in your ticket dropdowns)

Overall xcache is running excellent. However, I have had sporadic reports of users getting the following error when clicking a thread after using "new posts." I have also seen reports of this at

Fatal error: Direct instantiation of vB_Postbit class prohibited. Use the vB_Postbit_Factory class. in /includes/class_postbit.php on line 239

Here is a link of other reports of this error at

I also noticed when upgrading from vb 3.5.3 to 3.6.5 on another forum that there were some problems during the upgrade that never happened before xcache. May be unrelated. I had to disable xcache for moodle on one site (I'll make another ticket for that).

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